Roomie Love

Alas it is time for another blog post. I’ve been thinking a lot about my roommates while I’ve been home for christmas break. I miss them! It’s actually surprising to me that we have all gotten along so well this first semester. This year I’m living in an apartment and get my own room, but I had to choose two people to room with. It was quite dramatic trying to figure out who I wanted to live with this year. I wasn’t confident that living with my friends was a good idea, but I thought I should just give it a try; it would really be a test of our friendship. Both my roommates are basically complete opposites when it comes to cleanliness, and then I’m in the middle. E is SUPER clean. It’s actually nice to come home to a clean apartment with the smell of clorox wipes. She initiates Sundays as cleaning day and always cleans the toilet. She’s a keeper, really. I do my part in vacuuming and keeping the counters clean as well. (does anyone else find it weird that vacuum has two U’s?) I suppose we all do our part. A is not like E at all. She cleans if she sees it is necessary, which is never. I kid I kid! But if you walk into their room, you can tell which side is E’s and which side is A’s. That’s all I need to say. 

Here they are:


This depicts our lives on a daily. On another note, we get along pretty well actually. We basically bicker about stupid things like sisters would. And they like to pester me like an annoying little sister would. Sometimes I want some peace and quiet, so I go into my room and shut my door and both of them stand outside my door knocking until I say come in. And then they don’t leave me alone. But we are pretty honest with each other so if they’re bothering me, I tell them. Now whether they listen or not depends, but we still are honest. 

I’ve realized that I really really like living by myself. Having roommates means compromising, making sacrifices and lots and lots of patience, all of which can be quite difficult. My first year at college I was blessed to have an amazing roommate. We weren’t best friends, but we were great roommates. We never had any problems or fights. She provided a great atmosphere to live in free of drama and conflicts and filled with great conversations and many laughs. Then last year I was an RA so I got my own room. Compared to most of my friends, I had a great roommate experience, but I still like living by myself. It is a much different experience thinking of the needs of two other people as opposed to just yourself. 

I guess we will see how I feel after this second semester, but I think first semester was a success. I even miss seeing my two roommies as I am sitting here at my house. I can’t wait to get back to school to see them and catch up. It’s been too long since I’m used to seeing them every single day for many hours on end. 🙂

Yay for my 6th semester of college! Let’s do it!


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